Awesome websites to find color palettes

Awesome websites to find color palettes

Two weeks ago I started a new personal project, doing the whole process from planning to its execution (as always do with my clients).

When I began with the design, interface, etc. I got stuck because since I am not a designer but only a developer, that task become harder when I started thinking on the colors. So I decided to start looking for some color palettes and I found some very good websites that I want to share with you.


I remember used this one a lot many years ago because it has so many palettes and the way the palettes are built showing more percentage in some colors to imagine how your website/design/app will look like when you use more some color that the others.




Flat UI Colors 2

If you are looking for a big color palette of more than 4 colors, this website will be the right one for you.



Color Hunt

I discovered this one on and it has a very good collection of palettes in a clean website.


Sometimes when you have found the right palette, you may want to test it in a gradient tool so if that’s your case, the following website will help.