How to start blogging and earning money with your blog

How to start blogging and earning money with your blog

I've been listening some people saying that in order to be successful in blogging you need to pick a trend topic because those are the ones that will make you earn more but in my opinion that completely false because if you try to follow the trends, you will be in a battle among many other competitors so the chances to be at the top of the list are minimum.

That's why I highly recommend you to publish articles in your new blog about the things you are good at because I am a truly believer that every person has something interesting to share.

Now that you have a clear idea for your blog, it's time to put that idea online.

Choosing a blogging platform

There are several ways to publish articles online without programming a whole blog from scratch and I am going talk about 3 good platforms.


You don't even need to have your own hosting because Medium will do everything for you. You only need to signup, fill your profile and start publishing and if you have a custom domain then you can linked too.


The most used CMS so far. You have 3 options to start publishing in this platform:

  • Use a free plan in so your URL will be something like this
  • Use a paid plan to have your own domain name and more features.
  • Have your own hosting and a custom domain.

The first two are like Medium but for the third one you need to have some knowledge in programming although the installation is very easy and you can have a simple blog running in less than an hour (contact me if you need any assistance)


This is the platform I am actually using for my blog/portfolio and I must tell you that I am very happy with it. I performed a migration the last year and everything is running smoothly so far.

In order to publish with GhostJS, you have the same three options as Wordpress does but in my opinion, GhostJS is the best.

Now that you have your blog installed in your preferred platform, it's time to start publishing. You probably have tons of ideas since you chose the topic for your blog based on that you are good at and it's better if you publish since the very first day so Google can start indexing your website.

Monetizing your blog

The easiest way to start adding some value to your posts is by integrating Google Ads but you can only do that with a custom CMS so Medium is out for this because Medium has its own way to earn some money.

The only problem with Google Ads is that you need to have a good amount of traffic to be approved but if you tend to publish regularly, you could apply within the first 3 months but it's different for every blog because the type of the audience you will have so make sure to share your blog posts in your social networks, friends and family to increase your views faster.

I will write a little guide about how to get faster approval on Google Ads soon.

Contact me if you need any assistance :)