Vite: The new best front-end tooling.

Vite: The new best front-end tooling.

As Javascript developer, one of the things I(probably "we") hate the most is the short period of time between launchings of new front-end tooling/frameworks .

And the big issue is the fact that most of them offer similar options that we barely notice any difference among them... until I met Vite.

Vite allows you to not only use it in React projects but also with Vanilla.js, Vue, Preact, Lit and Svelte, which makes it even more interesting to try.

You can also add Vite to your in progress project and replace your current bundler.

But, why is this possible?

Vite serves source code over native ESM. This is essentially letting the browser take over part of the job of a bundler: Vite only needs to transform and serve source code on demand, as the browser requests it.

Vite is really faster. The standard front-end tooling or frameworks always makes you waste valuable time on initial configurations, even before your start coding.

Around 10 seconds it's the time that your initial project structure will need to build unlike others that usually last around 1 min.

Just give it a try and you will know why it's so amazing. 😁 

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