Zippyshare announces closure of the project after 17 years of service

Zippyshare announces closure of the project after 17 years of service

On March 19, 2023, Zippyshare announced its decision to shut down the project by the end of the month, urging users to backup their important files within the next two weeks. The closure is attributed to dwindling user interest, the prevalence of ad blockers, and rising electricity costs, which have made it unsustainable for the company to maintain the site.

Zippyshare, a popular file hosting service that has been operational since 2006, has officially announced the closure of its project. The company revealed its decision in a public statement, urging users to make backups of their important files within the next two weeks, after which the site will cease to function.


The company cites several reasons for the closure, including:

  1. Outdated service model: Zippyshare has been operating with an unchanged business model since its inception in 2006. As an ad-financed/free file hosting service, it has seen a decline in user interest over the years. The company believes that competing file storage services on the market offer better performance and more features, making Zippyshare's simple formula obsolete.
  2. Adblockers: The widespread use of adblockers in browsers, add-ons, and DNS services has significantly impacted the revenue generated by Zippyshare. As a result, the company has been forced to place more ads on its site, leading to a vicious cycle of increased adblocker usage and further revenue loss.
  3. Rising electricity prices: In the past year, electricity prices have risen 2.5 times, causing a substantial increase in operational costs for Zippyshare. With a large number of servers to maintain, the company has been unable to balance the increased expenses.

While there are other minor reasons contributing to the closure, the company acknowledges that these primary factors have made it impossible for them to continue maintaining the site. Zippyshare invites users to send their comments and feedback to and thanks them for their support over the years.